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The houses here below are a shortlist of homes that are part of well established gated communities in Coonoor. A property within gated society alleviates the need to have dedicated security, water resources and utilities. The characteristics of these houses vary and we can guide you through the process of buying into a gated community. Buying a home helps alleviate several challenges that one could face when setting up a home in the hills. Despite being a small town getting in touch with trusted tradesmen can be challenging, especially if you are new to town. Living in a community eliminates these challenges.

Most communities have good road approaches, water distribution systems, 24x7 security personnel, internal street lighting, parks and rainwater drainage culvert and soaking pits. Some communities also have separate quarters for domestic help and provide gardening, cleaning and other staff. There is usually an annual maintenance charge that one bears to manage these resources efficiently.

The communities are generally managed by a community manager or association appointed that actively sees daily affairs and upkeep of the premises. These managers and offices also ensure that roads, electrical connections, water connections, parks and other facilities are in top tier condition throughout making sure that your life in these tranquil communities is a permanently hassle-free one.

Several houses have neighbours and it helps to know a good neighbourhood. Gated communities in The Nilgiris are designed to give you the privacy you need while keeping companions and help within proximal distances. This is living in paradise for both social birds and individuals yearning for solitude.

Each of these houses is on properties large enough to have private gardens. Giving you an ideal space for barbeques, morning yoga, your own organic vegetable garden or even a nap on the lawn on a sunny afternoon. A few of the communities have incorporated common spaces that are managed and maintained for the recreation and social activities of the residents. Some communities are also very aesthetic conscious and have rules and guidelines that residents must adhere to if they are repainting or renovating. One such community has a colour scheme for its exteriors.

All homes in gated communities we take up undergo a screening process on the documentation and legal stances. They are all well established and the benefits of living in one of them are many.

Stone House 3 Bedroom at Ketti | Ooty Coonoor

Stone House

Stone House is a three-bedroom, spacious single-level bungalow located up a hill in Ketti. The home is cosy, enjoys great views and spacious lawn

3800 sqft
50 cents