A British style villa, surrounded by nature


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  • The peacefulness
  • View of the forest form the family room
  • Modern kitchen
  • Staircase
  • Entrance
  • Toilet
  • The path to the bedroom
  • Balcony to forest view
  • Power room
  • Kitchen towards woods

About Chasewood

Chasewood, true to its name, is amid tea and an evergreen forest. Every room receives the refreshing breeze and the fragrance of the eucalyptus from the woods in the east. The barrier of trees makes this a very friendly home to live in during any time of the year.

The property is on a sprawling 39.30 cents in the Adar Estate gated community with more than 85% open for gardening and plantation. The 3-bedroom bungalow is split into 2 living levels and a service basement. Several French doors invite the dweller to be one with the forest.

The bungalow has adapted the British elevation style, blended with modern architecture. All rooms receive ample light through the extensive glass used, while each space enjoys a balcony to enjoy the verdant beauty outside.

This home tucked away from the hustle is surrounded by trees on all sides, creating a beautiful scene no matter the season. With mist hanging over the evergreen tea estates, you feel as if you are in paradise. It also has a lush, spacious garden and can accommodate parking for two vehicles beside it.

Chasewood is perfect if you like waking up to peaceful, quiet mornings and spending afternoons lounging on lawns and walking among the trees' shaded pathways. Elegant flooring and the use of wood uplift the atmosphere and complement nature. Ample spaces have been created to place furniture and antics that you will cherish for the years to come.

The gated community also has the advantage of being extremely well connected to the rest of the town. With the national highway a stone's throw away, connecting to Coonoor, Kotagiri, and Coimbatore cannot get easier. Chasewood is a dream for many globally that is a reality in the Nilgiris. We look forward to seeing you here.


All interior spaces blend well for comfort. Large aristocratic living & dining rooms form the heart of all activity which open up into a wide covered balcony and the valley to enamour you


Peace and tranquility intertwines with the chirping of the birds, rustling of leaves and valley gales gushing past the home from time to time. A well landscaped garden homes trees and invites birds for a mid-day feed.


A well insulated home with false ceilings and double walls, the home guarantees your comfort inside. A covered car park for 2 is assuring even in rough weather. Elegant sanitary ware and ceramics add to the life of each space.


The villa has adapted the British style of elevation, blended with modern architecture. All rooms receive ample light through the extensive glass used, while each space accommodates a balcony that enjoys the verdant beauty outside.

View from balcony